Emergent Emergencies
Nothing beats getting your daily kolto injection

Sooo… where is that prince handsome I’m suppose to save? 

   swtor      Skirmisher Kira      swtor twitter rp      and the answer is Corso      which Kira runs the fuck away from      hahaha      kira's so mean XD   

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When I have to desire to finish my pvp daily and weekly, I realise the egotistic assholes I strongly dislike are queuing and the desire to heal them in a warzone makes me sick that my daily and weekly leaves undone for a week or so. :x


It has been my great pleasure, gatemaster. 

This is like the first character that has made me want to do that race. So damned cute *_*

Awww thanks :’D 

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It has been my great pleasure, gatemaster. 

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Somehow, my trooper blends in well in his environment, though he’s just a bit tad short. hahaha

Somehow, my trooper blends in well in his environment, though he’s just a bit tad short. hahaha

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Star Wars Masterlist 


Reblog if you are a Star Wars roleplayer to be put in a masterlist

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Before I go to sleep in a fit of rage and adding someone to my shitlist of not to heal/protect/dps the shit, I bring you the gen chat logs from my last huttball match on the harbinger server. I was trying to kick this asshole when I got tired of him camping in the crates before he initiated combat. (i wish swtor had a better way of stopping afkers or people like him bleh)

(the orange cover is me btw, because I’m on my secret sorc)

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6.) Describe your character’s happiest memory.


The smell of it was clear and crispy. It wasn’t the disgusting fumes that engulfed her lungs for most of her life. 

It was smaller too, But she wasn’t claustrophobic. In some ways, the tight halls were familiar. It brought back to the days when she hid in small tunnels to escape the hostilities of Nar Shaddaa; gang thugs, sketchy mercenaries, spice traders and organ traffickers. The fast pace, the thrill of escape, to be under the nose of them by inches to survive. 

Kira had no need of that. Those small tunnels and shelter refugees were only a fragment of her previous life. This beautiful ship was the symbol of the future. The one that has been handed to her by luck. 

Now, she has arrived home for the first time.


She knew better to stay for longer than necessary.

But Kirae had to keep the girl sleeping in her quarters safe. Korriban was a harsh place to be, especially for her. If any Sith lords knew that she was here on this mission, they would choke her to death. Or worst, find out why she is truly here. 

The girl was finally sleeping peacefully despite the bandages across her neck. No doubt the scrapes and bruises along her face will fade, but while lingering fear for the girl’s safety was crucial, she was happy that the child would not be in harm’s way. 

Carefully, Kirae brushed her hand on the green girl’s forehead. While sadness filled Kirae since she couldn’t stay, she was happy to see her little girl safe. For now. 


(I was too lazy to slot in people in the pics… >_> <_<)

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Uhhh, someone forgot to change the holoprojector&#8230;

Uhhh, someone forgot to change the holoprojector…

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5.) What’s your character’s ranking on the Kinsey Scale [link]


Originally, Kira was gonna be a 0, meaning she was purely heterosexual in terms of sexual experience or response. She find women attractive and admirable, but she strongly prefers a man when it comes to romantically and sexually. But as I thought more of her background, I think she is more of a 1. .


After much thought, I think Kirae would be a 2. It was suited for Kirae’s missions in Imperial Intelligence, as she found a lot of the men and women she had to seduce attractive. However, the only love she has was a man, so she leans more to preferring men than woman, but not by a long shot.